Quinton Reviews Controversy {Sep} Check What Happened!

Quinton Reviews Controversy talks about who he is, his age, some controversies he has been in, and subscriber count according to the social blade.

Have you ever heard of the name Quinton Kyle Hoover? Do you know who Quinton Reviews is? Do you want to know why he is popular and what he does?

Quinton Reviews is a popular YouTuber from the United States known for providing viral videos and showcasing his creativity level. If you are interested in knowing about him, his age, and why the Quinton Reviews Controversy is always the talk of the town, let us begin with this post.

What is the latest post on his Twitter?

In the recent Tweet from yesterday, he came up with the long-boi adventure of Nickelodeon sitcom Sam & Cat. It is a five-hour YouTube video posted on his channel titled The Scandal of Sam & Cat. He has given the link to the video and asked his followers to join as he talks about it in detail from beginning to end.

What is his YouTube Live subscriber count?

Quinton Reviews Socialblade shows he has a live count of subscribers of 744,000 while writing this post. Social Blade provides access to global analytics of any brand, content creator, or live streamer.

Quinton Kyle Hoover, aka Quinton Reviews, hails from Woodford County, Lowa, and was born on December 7, 1996. He did not mention much about his family in any of his posts, so we are unaware of it.

Quinton gains fame by reviewing TV shows and films, especially negative opinions. He began his YouTube career in 2013, intending to make people laugh. So, he does stuff like comedy, satire, and commentary.

Why is Quinton Reviews Controversy in the news?

As we know, he made a video with the purpose of making people laugh and mockery on videos, which many people find offensive and humiliating. Some of the examples of his controversies are:

As per online resources, Quinton was deeply involved in a series of controversies in late 2018 when he discussed his dislike for the former President for nearly a minute. Many viewers find it out of the topic and attempt to mock the president.

Another issue was near the end of 2018 when he mocked Twitter about Mumkey Jones; he later removed the Tweet and apologized on Twitter.

One more example of Quinton Reviews Controversy is where he said every angry gamer is trying to be James Rolfe, which is similar in meaning saying every racist gamer is trying to be JonTron. On this, supporters said it was a sarcastic reference to JonTron’s argument with Destiny and did not reflect his racist view. However, he clarified that this joke was his honest reflection of his feeling toward JonTron

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Quinton Reviews is a skilled YouTuber born in the United States. He is known for making humorous videos and sarcastic commentary on his social media channel. As of 2022, Quinton Reviews Age is 25 years. You can visit Quinton Reviews channel by clicking here.

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