Quell Wordle {Aug 2022} An Answer To The Recent Puzzle!

This article on Quell Wordle was written to help the Quordle players guess the right answers for #192 Quordle.

What is Quell? Is Quell a hint the Wordle’s answer? Is it related to some other game? If you wanna know the answers to all your questions read below. There are players from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and India who is excited to know about what quell is related to. Is it the answer for Wordle? Or is there some other game? To know about Quell Wordle in detail read the entire article below.

What is Quell? 

Have you ever heard about Quordle? Most people know about Wordle but there are a few people who know about Quordle. Quell is the answer to Quordle. Quordle is a game which is slightly related to Wordle. There are hints given to the players for this game as well just like Wordle. This game is very attractive than most of the other ones. This game offers nine chances for the players to guess the right word, unlike Wordle. Read about Quell Game below for more information. 

What is Quordle? 

Quordle is a game that is inspired by Wordle. This game is quadrupled, and the rules remain the same. The player is supposed to guess the right five-letter words. Whereas the twist is that players have to guess four five-letter words at the same time rather than one. Dissimilar to Wordle, Quordle gives the players total of nine chances to guess the right answers. Quordle was developed by a group of Wordle fans after they started playing Wordle spin-off, Dordle etc all these games are inspired by Wordle.

Is Quell a Word?

As we have discussed above Quell is one of the answers to Quordle. Quordle is an online word game which was inspired by Wordle. Yesterday’s quordle answers begin with the letters F, V, Q and T and they end with the letters E, L, L and N. The last answer has two vowels. Are you excited to know the real answers to Quordle 192? Without further delay, let us discuss the answers. The words were Fluke, Vinyl, Quell and Taken. This game can be pretty tough sometimes but the answers are always easy to guess. 

How to play Quordle? 

If you are already aware of Wordle then this game will be very easy for you to play. Quell Wordle helped the players to guess the answers. It is a five-letter word game and you have to guess these words in a total of nine turns. As you keep putting the right word the word fixes in the box. Yellow indicates that the letter placed is in the wrong stop, and green indicates that it is at the right spot lastly grey means the wrong letter is at the wrong spot. 


Quordle is similar to Wordle. Hence, it is inspired by Wordle. This game is played by plenty of people. To know about yesterday’s answers read Quell Wordle. Quordle is free for everybody. To know more about Quordle, click on this link.

Have you played Quordle? If yes, share your views ahead. 

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