Top 5 Boutiques for Your Perfect Shopping in Europe

Aside from endless beautiful cities, stunning cultural background, and historical sites, Europe is also one of the greatest places in the world if there is a little shopaholic inside of you, craving unique and authentic items, one-of-a-kind souvenirs, and handmade crafts. 

Without further ado, let’s move forward and check out the best, most charming, and easily-accessible boutiques in Europe. Keep on reading! 

1. Atelier Beaurepaire, Paris

We all know quite well that tours to France come with certain connotations, like how you are sure to witness some incredible fashion and widely acclaimed French taste. 

However, while all of it is true, many still perceive the French style as being very quaint and even boring, monochromatic. Well, step inside the charming Atelier Beaurepaire, a Parisian boutique with a wide specter of colors and patterns. The shop prides itself on rare, high-quality materials brought from Morocco, ensuring you have some exciting designs to choose from! 

Unlike your typical Parisian boutique, Atelier Beaurepaire offers extensive collections of street-ware and clothes you would typically find in today’s youth. From colorful beanies to baggy pants and puffed-up jackets, the shop has something to fit all ages and styles – you just have to be thorough with your search! 

2. Pragtique, Prague

A very nice surprise in the middle of the Czech capital city, Pragtique is a refreshing, innovative, and affordable boutique, mixing a souvenir shop and a high-fashion atelier. 

If you are in the mood for something light and fun, like T-Shirts with slogans, tote bags, and loud outerwear, this boutique is definitely for you. What is even more exciting is that these designs are brought to you by the local creative mind, bringing you one step closer to the city’s heritage. 

Instead of spending money on expensive brands, visit Pragtique and get something unique, authentic, and eye-catching! 

3. JCH Juergen Christian Hoerl, Vienna

After these exploding colors in the Czech Republic and Pragtique, we suggest taking a Prague to Vienna train and changing up the palette with Austrian designs! 

On the opposite side of the tracks than Atelier Beaurepaire or Pragtique, this boutique in central Vienna offers a collection of dimmed shades and quite conservative clothing, yet cut in impeccable precision. Calling themselves casual and modern, JCH Juergen Christian Hoerl offers minimalist outfits that can be your special Austrian souvenir! 

Also, while the shop looks expensive and kind of New-Yorky, do not be discouraged from visiting. JCH Juergen Christian Hoerl is easily affordable and offers pricing that starts as low as €50. 

4. Alara, Lagos

If you find yourself enjoying Southern Europe, Portugal especially, prepare for a luxury interior, high-quality clothing chains, and unique designs in Lagos’ most prominent boutique – Alara.

A disclaimer to start with – Alara is widely known across the world, so you should brace yourself for higher prices than at any of the shops mentioned above. The boutique is what you would call your Mediterranean dream, full of colorful collections that mix old culture with modern patterns, art, and 21st-century design. 

The whole of the first floor is dedicated to women’s clothing, sporting some widely known brands like YSL, Dries Van Noten, and even Duro Olowu. However, while glamour is the first thing you notice while browsing for an outfit, Alara is also known for its one-of-a-kind concept that commemorates Nigerian heritage.

The floor-length dresses and eccentric jackets celebrate the vast culture of Nigeria and its signature colors, offering the perfect summer outfits and wealthy-looking attire. So, buckle up and get ready to choose from lines and lines of clothing until you find that one dreamy look you have been looking for. 

5. Alex Eagle, London

A well-known name in the fashion world, Alex Eagle resides in Central London – impeccable taste surrounded by impeccable buildings. Are you ready to choose an outfit? 

English people and beyond perceive Alex Eagle as the number one, most trusted, and faultless shop in London that will have something to offer no matter what your style is. With carefully hand-picked brands and well-thought-out collections, the boutique opens up a world of endless possibilities – you are just as likely to buy an elegant dress as you are to find a casual knitted hat! 

Sure, there are plenty of worldwide-known names here, but you can get something authentic and unique to Alex Eagle itself as there are special collections that come directly from the owners and designers of the shop

Find your perfect attire while browsing these stores in Europe. All quite different but charming in their own ways, they offer you carefully-selected items to bring into your closet and serve as a long-standing souvenir of your European trip. So, good luck browsing and channeling your inner fashionista! 

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