Mike Wolfe Wife And Parents: Know The Family And Lifestyle!

This post shares the facts about the well-famed Mike Wolfe Wife And Parents, as people often search for the celebrity’s lifestyle and private affairs even when he keeps them secretive.


  • Mike keeps his family life and private affairs secretive even after gaining tremendous success and glory.
  • Mike remains in the headlines for 2010 for creating American Pickers, while Wolfe has kept his personal life relatively quiet.
  • He maintains his online tradition by posting about his family and fans across the United States and many other places around the world were astonished when they found out about Mike Wolfe Wife And Parents.
  • Mike’s marriage to Jodi Faeth was in the spotlight in September 2012, but he remains relatively quiet about his private life.

Mike Wolfe Wife And Parents:

Rita Wolfe, Mike’s mother, raised his son and two other children alone. After Mike’s family moved to Iowa, Bettendorf, he started picking at a young age. He used to gather old bikes from a neighbor’s trash.

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The star of American Pickers frequently posts adorable Mother’s Day posts featuring rare pictures of his mother. He keeps honoring his mother, Rita Wolfe, with a heartfelt tribute on the internet.

He married Jodi Catherine Wolf in September 212 and has a daughter, Catherine Faeth Wolfe, who was born in January 2012.

About Mike Wolfe Wife And Parents

Mike Wolfe’s Wiki:

Mike’s most well-known achievement is his appearance on the show American Pickers. He recently gave his social media followers glimpses into his personal life. The newest episode of Season 24 will take Wolfe and the group to Maggie Valley in North Carolina from June 5, 2024. 

His most recent shared video clip was of behind-the-scenes of the series’ crew, as he frequently posts images of his family, including his mother and Charlie, his daughter. Let us learn some private details of Mike Wolfe through the shared table below.

Real name  Mike Wolfe
Date and birth year November 6, 1964
Age  58 years
Mother  Rita Wolfe
Place of birth:  Joliet, Illinois
Siblings  Robbie and Beth
Marital status  Married
Wife  Jodi Catherine Wolfe
Daughter Calie Faeth Wolfe 

Mike Wolfe Wife And Biography:

Irreconcilable conflicts were the reason for his and his wife’s divorce filing in November 2020 in Williamson County. As many reports suggest, their separation was during COVID-19’s pandemic lockdown.

Mike Wolfe Wife And Biography

Their only child is Charlie, the girl he has with Jodi. Mike frequently posts pictures of his girl child to his 473,000 followers yet remains secretive about her appearance. Mike is presently reconnected with motorcycle racer and former Playboy model Leticia Cline. 

Interesting Facts of Mike Wolfe’s Present Life:

  • Mike and Cline are acquaintances for their motorbike passion. Since Mike was married, they were just friends. She keeps posting their pictures together on her private Instagram profile.
  • At the beginning of 2023, he posted the most recent photo of Charlie. 
  • He referred to her as baby Wolfe and was shown beading bracelets for her grandmother in one of the additional posts he made in 2022.
  • The first American Pickers’ season started in 2010 with a premiere. He becomes a father during the History Channel series’ journey. The series has now reached its 24th season.


Mike Wolfe lives like an ordinary person in his private life who loves his family. Although he is the founder and co-host of American Pickers, the well-known reality show. He posts pictures of Mike Wolfe Wife And Parents, specifically his mother, as she raised him alone. click here

Stay tuned as we gather more updates on the actor’s private life, his daughter, former spouse, and present partner shortly.

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