Madisyn Baldwin Obituary: What Happened To Her? How Did She Die? Know About Her Cause Of Death!

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Have you heard about the death of Madisyn Baldwin? As the news of the death of Madisyn Baldwin revolves all over the internet. People from the United States want to know about the information on the Obituary of Madisyn to say their last goodbye. If you are one of them who wants to know about the Madisyn Baldwin Obituary, then keep up with this article. This article will help you learn about the information on Madisyn’s Obituary and its details.

Where did Madisyn Baldwin’s Obituary take place?

Madisyn Baldwin’s family had scheduled the visitation at Modez Funeral Home, 100 East Silverbell, In Orion. On Saturday from 3 pm to 7 pm. The family did not publicize Madisyn’s funeral services. Instead, the family of Madisyn, In Lieu of flowers, asked for donations in the name of ‘Autism Speaks.’ If you want to donate any amount, you can check the details on 

What Happened to Madisyn Baldwin

Madisyn Baldwin was a 17-year-old student at Oxford High School. She was among the four students who lost their lives in the shooting at Oxford High School. Madisyn was in the senior year of her school and was going to graduate last year. She loved her family and friends very much. She was a lively and bright student. 

Several colleges had accepted her, and she got accepted into some colleges with full scholarships. She was the eldest among her siblings and loved reading, writing, and drawing. Her friends gave a tribute through online.

How the family expressed themselves to Madisyn Baldwin Death

The family of Madisyn was broken after the news of her death came out. Nicole Beausoleil, Madisyn’s mother, shared the picture of Madisyn on her Facebook page and expressed her feeling in front of people. She said she would love her daughter unconditionally, always, and forever. 

Madisyn Baldwin’s grandmother also expressed her feelings for her granddaughter. She pleaded for help and asked for funds on the online fundraising site She said this tragedy had broken the family member. She wanted to do whatever she could to help her family during this challenging time.

Oxford High School Shooting

After knowing Madisyn Baldwin Cause of Death, people want to know about the other three victims who lost their lives to the shooting. As we already discussed, Madisyn other three victims were Hana St. Juliana, 14 years old, Justin Shilling, 17 years old, and Tate Myre,16 years old; who later died in hospital from the shooting injuries. 


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