Is Axo2moon Scam (June 2021) Check The Details Here!

Is Axo2moon Scam (June 2021) Check The Details Here! >> The new site claims to offer the best deals for investments but has some suspicious points to think about. Please read the below post for more details.

Worldwide, youngsters and investors are looking for a platform to invest their money to get good returns. Hence, Binance being a famous platform for investment purposes in the crypto industry, has gained popularity among people in today’s Era.

Countries like Iran, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, etc., are searching for a better platform to make money and invest.

Many websites like are emerging, asking investors to invest their money through their platform. But Is Axo2moon Scam platform? Is it safe to carry out any investment process there? Please read all the factual details here. People generally get into a trap by many online scam websites, so it’s vital to beware beforehand using any website.

About is a portal with the help of which people can earn one dollar for every fifteen minutes after one click claim. 

There are a total of 609362 players, and the paid amount by them is $145303. But let’s dig out more information about Is axo2moon legit for further clarification. 

On June 15, $AXO Trade has officially started on Pancakeswap. As per the estimation of more than 1M people on the launch day, it broke all the records. 

What Is the Use of Axo2moon Portal?

  • The portal Axo2moon com is designed for investment purposes. One can earn up to one dollar every fifteen-minute of the claim.
  • You need to login into your account using the Binance Bep20 address. Furthermore, you can trade and invest in crypto-currency, too, as the website has opened trade on June 15 on the Pancakeswap platform.

We will check upon Is axo2moon legit as we reach the end of the article. For now, let’s read how can one withdraw from Axo2moon.

Few More Facts About Axo2moon Com

  • You can also get access to AXO premium.
  • The Axo2moon opened a trade on pancake swap on June 15, 2021. Are you curious to know to how to buy? The below section has the information.
  • The withdrawal through Axo2moon can take at least one day to process.
  • You can get referrals after logging into the account and get thirty percent of every claim your referrals receive.

How to Buy $AXO?

Well before digging about Is Axo2moon Scam? Let us focus on how to purchase it first. Follow our simple yet effective step-by-step procedure to buy AXO USD, given as below:

  • The first step is to download the most trusted digital wallet, i.e., “TRUSTWALLET,” which is one of the widely used platforms worldwide.
  • Next, purchase BSC or BNB to fund your digital wallet. These coins are used in the BSC environment.
  • Visit “DAPPs” and tap on Pancakeswap, which is an excellent exchange source that allows user to swap BNB or BSC coins with Decentralized Finance Tokens.
  • Copy the correct contract address given here 0x52dCF5BEdc061604D8C592B0079A0FF2ceA22eB7 and head back to Pancakeswap.
  • Here set version to V2 and select currency, and paste the contract address.
  • Make sure you set slippage to 12%.

Is Axo2moon Scam?

  • The most awaiting countdown has ended; finally, AXO is made available on the most trusted exchange Pancakeswap, which is a good thing.
  • Axo2moon is a new website with lots of suspicious information and facts. 
  • The domain age of is just thirteen days old, as it is established on May 22 2021.
  • And the website is having a trust index of 1 % and a trust rank as 28.4/100, which is a very low score.
  • Unfortunately, it had not received a satisfactory response from users, as we can see on the Trust pilot and other discussion forums. Do we hope the most asked question Is Axo2moon Scam has got a clear picture
  • The website is new to be judged. It had received mixed feedback from the users on the trust pilot reviewing website, but most of them are negative.
  • People complain that they cannot get their withdrawal and claims the website to be a fake one. But for some, it is also working.

Users’ Reviews

The site is new, but there are many reviews available on various platforms. The generalized negative feedback states that the site is a scam; they claimed that the user had experienced fraud of almost 50 bucks. Withdrawal problem is also detected. Customer reviews will solve the query that Axo2moon Scam Or Legit.

At the same time, people found it good. However, users from Nigeria, Ukraine, Turkey, Indonesia, etc., are yet confused about claiming the site’s legitimacy. Under one video review and on other evaluation platforms, also, we have found mostly negative comments.

The site has almost 3.4-star ratings, but deciding it legit or scam is purely your decision. So please go for proper research before investing your money here. And the online site with such a low trust index of 1% and Alexa rating of 29479 can be risky.

Closing Thoughts

Being a website with many negative responses from users, it’s advisable to stay away from the website or if you wish to use it, then explore well.

Is Axo2moon Scam? Though it is established recently, and it is recent to say about its legitimacy, yes, it seems that Axo2moon com is potentially a questionable portal trying to trap people in online scams. So please do make more research about the website for clearer information and go through all the customer reviews.

Yet people are from Bangladesh, Brazil, etc., are searching for its legitimacy, but it seems unsafe. Have you ever tried to use the Axo2moon com website for investment purposes? If yes, please do share your experience with us below in the comments section.

Have you ever faced any online scam? Please click here to know how to protect yourself from it.

7 thoughts on “Is Axo2moon Scam (June 2021) Check The Details Here!”

  1. Yes, it does seems a scam website. How do you expect someone giving you $1 every 15 minutes doing nothing just pressing click. And to withdraw it’s $500.000000 something… Guys this is a scam no official announcement of such tokens AXO.

    I have researched their Twitter and telegram page they do have a good amount of followers but when checked the posts many people are requesting for their payments but they never received. And no reply support reply from admins.

    The website is registered on 2021-05-22 like it has been 12-13 days now and the website shows is stuck at 802618 Players 163973 $
    Paid. Check it today it will be the same. That shows it is not real figures.

    • Thank you for your valuable feedback. So just believe in your God and move ahead. As a vigilant reader you did your part. Hopefully you are safe now. We need to be very careful while dealing with such websites. Enjoy your life. Keep reading.

  2. I believe that you can help me to earn money because my life is so hard to get a job..the money i can earn i will give it to the people had my same life 😊 thank you

    • Hello Turab! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have you ever dealt with this website. Have you got the real time experience of earning money via this platform? Your valuable factual feedback would be able to help many readers. Kindly do share with us! Stay safe and healthy!


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