Writing an Essay Is a Way to Impact Your Communication Skills

Expressing your thoughts and ideas to another person is crucial in life. Misunderstanding often leads to conflicts, highlighting the importance of improving our communication skills. Whether it’s a speech at a public event or conveying an opinion about a movie to a friend, effective communication skills are essential. Writing is a great way to hone these skills, especially through essay writing. In this article, we will delve into how essay writing can improve your speaking ability.

Main Tips to Make your Message Clear and Understandable

The main goal of communication is to make sure that your message is understandable to the audience. It is not enough to simply publicly share your disorganized thoughts. Instead, you should organize and present them in a clear and understandable format. This is what essay writing teaches us. Seeking advice from a professional Essay Writing Service – Essayhave.com™, we will get the following tips to increase the clarity of your thought process:

  • Avoid using technical or specialized language in your letters or speeches as this will only confuse your audience.
  • Avoid overly complex language. While this may seem smart, it will only confuse your audience even more.
  • Keep sentences short. Less – more.
  • To prevent the use of the passive voice, one must avoid constructing longer and more complicated sentences, which leads to more confusing speech.
  • Focus on the subject. Strive to convey a specific message. In addition, clear speech will make your speech more organized and logical.
  • If your essay does not have these characteristics, you can seek the help of a professional using Essay services and try to imitate their work.

Expands your Vocabulary

I understand that we mentioned earlier that the use of overly complex words is discouraged. However, when it comes to essay writing, there is a limit to how much you can use the same words before they become repetitive. A limited vocabulary often seems weak and unimpressive, while a large set of synonyms makes your message clearer. In the same way that web developers need to expand their coding skills, writers need to learn new words that the general public can understand.

Get Feedback about your Abilities to Communicate Effectively

In college, students often receive feedback from their professors through grades. If their essay is not up to par, students can learn where and how to improve their writing. Verbal communication rarely gives that kind of feedback. This is why getting help from knowledgeable people is critical; this allows us to improve our writing skills, which in turn improves our overall communication skills. Those who prioritize their writing in college tend to excel in public speaking and face-to-face communication.

Get the attention of the audience using creative topic

When you come across a text that talks about a yellow brick road at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, it immediately piques your curiosity. This concept also applies to your own speaking ability. Effective communication skills allow us to capture the attention of our audience. And by practicing writing on important topics, we can improve this skill. Writing and reading aloud help us improve our pronunciation and fluency. People are drawn to experienced writers because of their pleasant and well thought out speeches. They have the ability to put words together in an aesthetically pleasing manner and are good at entertaining others. As you hone your essay writing skills, your words become more engaging. Your friends and family would appreciate connecting with someone who has strong writing skills. In addition, success in your career also depends on your ability to attract and keep people interested.

Teach you to Give More Meaning to Words

Compared to spoken words, written text has a lasting presence, allowing people to return to it and refer to it in future discussions. This is why written forms of communication such as email, messages, and articles carry more weight and influence. When we write, we become aware of the meaning of every word we use, which in turn enhances our ability to choose words carefully when speaking. As a result, it improves our understanding and communication skills.


Words are the primary means of human interaction, and knowing how to use these means effectively is of paramount importance. It can be said without exaggeration that communication skills are critical to determining the quality of their social life. The stronger these skills, the more fruitful their relationships with others will become. Essay writing serves as a valuable method for improving verbal exchange as it helps organize thoughts, convey clear messages, and reduce the chance of misunderstandings. If you are currently in college, use the assignments to develop your communication skills. And if you’ve graduated a long time ago, set aside a little time each day to write. You will soon witness the significant impact this will have on your social life.

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