Gaunt Wordle {Sep 2022} Puzzle 444 Correct Solution!

The below-written article will outline Gaunt Wordle meaning, definition, hints and much more.

A new day, a new beginning and a new way of having fun through different activities. What is constant? Your hunt for the new wordle answer. Do you also start your day like the people Worldwide does? By searching for an answer through clues.

If yes, you are among most people now keen to know the correct answer in a single go. They don’t want to lose any chance, just like you. This time all are hunting for a different word. They are searching for Gaunt Wordle

What Is the proper Answer for Wordle #444 (06/09/2022)?

What!! Have you also got the clues twisted and guessed the vice versa answer? Well, then, you aren’t alone. People got it wrong and guessed the answer of Wordle #444 as GAUNT instead of TAUNT. Whole another word with a different meaning. 

Let’s see the difference.

Taunt Definition- 

Taunt is an expression that describes a situation where someone is provoking or insulting the other person by saying cruel and offensive things. It is challenging but very harmful and can harm someone’s dignity. In short, it is an insulting statement. 

Gaunt Definition

Gaunt is a word that is used with diverse meanings. It is a game that has been portrayed in series. This game belongs to a bloodline in which ancestors fight for the purity of their blood shifts and marry their children to cousins only. 

This is not a real war but to maintain the supremacy of the culture. Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones are such a series. This word is also present in English vocabulary, which means a person who is too thin or petite. 

Why Is This Trending?

Gaunt Game has been highlighted through many web series and novels, and it is a trendy among netizens. The concept is quite exciting, and people are attracted. But we need to double-check the hints first. Moreover, people have guessed other words as well. You can see them below – 

  • Jaunt
  • Haunt
  • Vaunt
  • Daunt 

Clues were- 

  • It is a verb and a noun.
  • Consists of two vowels.
  • Words start and end with a consonant.
  • It refers to provoking or wounding someone. 
  • This word is from a Latin root.

More about Gaunt Wordle

Gaunt is an example of the diversity of the language that is used by Worldwide people. Most of the words in the English language are from different languages, and it has a long history of usage. You can see some words being used as an activity; however, it was a part of the daily vocabulary in the past. 

Blanks indicate the answer with different guesses. Gaunt was the wrong guessed answer, but the silver lining is that it will add one more gem to the treasure of the words. 


Gaunt Wordle forced people to brainstorm and wonder for more words, indicating the need to know more about the language. As the correct answer for wordle #444 is “TAUNT”. The more you search and memorize and practice new words, the more you’ll get to know about the language efficiently. 

We would like to hear your story about guessing your favorite wordle that you’ve guessed so far? Please comment below.

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