Fun Delivered Reviews {Nov 2022} Is It Legit Or Not?

Check out this article to know Fun Delivered Reviews. And is Fun Delivered legit?

However, have you ever thought about what happens to the unclaimed packages or boxes of Amazon, Flipkart or EBay? They used to be auctioned after no one claimed them within a few working days.

Several websites from countries like United States, United Kingdom, etc sell unclaimed packages and mystery boxes to buyers, and “Fun Delivered” is one of them.

Read this article till the end to know Fun Delivered Reviews.

What is Fun Delivered?

Fun Delivered is one of the websites that sells mystery boxes or unclaimed packages to interested buyers at a very reasonable price. Currently, only shipping in the United States.

The Website says on the page ‘Their unclaimed mystery boxes are perfect for date nights, holidays, birthdays, gift exchanges and just for fun”.

The Website also mentions how the two women, Rebecca and Jena, started this fun business during the pandemic.

According to the Website, the founders started selling the mystery boxes from the Facebook marketplace, and they later decided to sell from their Website because of high demands.

Let’s find out Is Fun Delivered Legit?

What are the specifications of Fun Delivered?

Here are the specifications of Fun Delivered:

  • URL:
  • Domain Name: Fun Delivered
  • Email ID:
  • Category: Unclaimed packages
  • Postal Address: P.O. Box 1719 Ocala, Florida 34478
  • Country origin: Arizona, United States
  • Creation Date: 13th August 2021
  • Expiry Date: 13th August 2023
  • Contact No: NIL
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok

Benefits of investing in Mystery boxes

  1. Variety of items at a very reasonable price
  2. Best for having fun with suspense
  3. Might have a chance of getting expensive and rare items
  4. Mostly retail ready products

These are the benefits but how this website may deter you from shopping? Check out the drawbacks and Fun Delivered Reviews.

Drawbacks of investing in Mystery boxes

  1. No guarantee and warranty
  2. Mostly scams and frauds
  3. Very rare customer support
  4. You will rarely get your money back from the items
  5. You will not find any feedbacks on website by the costumers.

Overall, we can conclude that the website has several pros as well as cons. The interface can attract the shoppers but the service could disappoint. With almost no such review or feedback available, the shopping experience could be based on luck.  Check out this article further to reach a conclusion. 

Is Fun Delivered Legit

Several websites cannot be trusted easily, so always determine the legitimacy of such a website through various fact checks.

Our blog will help you to conclude the decision by following indicators:

  1. Domain creation date: 13th August 2021 – newly created, indicating the chances of theft and fraud.
  2. Domain Expiry Date: 13th August 2023
  3. Trust Rank: 21.4/100 – Suspicious, Doubtful and Unsafe
  4. Trust Score: 33% – Bad trust score
  5. Owners Name: Rebecca and Jena – As mentioned on the Website
  6. Social Media connections: The Website provides social media links on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.
  7. Customer Reviews: No official customer Fun Delivered Reviews available on the Website
  8. Website Quality: Poorly designed
  9. Address Originality: The Postal address mentioned on the Website with the map and direction.

A few more similar websites, ‘ Fundelivered’ and ‘Fun Delivery’, resemble this one. Hence, it is important to do a proper analysis of this website to avoid getting duped. Keep reading the article and follow the stats before making your next purchase.

Customers’ Reviews

At first glance, the theory of these mystery boxes seems fun. However, as per our findings, the website has no such reviews which could provide a sense of security while making the bet. Countless mystery boxes websites on the internet are not legit and will scam you. According to us the website feels unsafe, suspicious and doubtful. With the 21.4 trust score, we would suggest our users to stay cautious.

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Final Verdict

After the detailed analysis, we could conclude that he Website is newly created, which indicates the chances of fraud. 

Website like this are capable to make the customers, victims of Internet Fraud.  

Thus, it is requested to shop only if you are ready to accept the worst consequences. Check this article to learn how to deal with credit card scams.

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4 thoughts on “Fun Delivered Reviews {Nov 2022} Is It Legit Or Not?”

  1. I was just scammed by Fun Delivered. I spent $75 on a mystery box of unclaimed mail returns. They were all sent from china supposedly and a few were the same items. I got around $7 of stuff which all seemed like it came from I am unsure how several people bought the same plastic cheap bracelet with not tags on them and didn’t claim them in the mail. Very suspicious. Huge waste of money and unfortunately this company has reached out to youtubers and sends them amazing boxes to make it look like it’s legit. BUYER BEWARE!

  2. If you have money to blow and want the hype of a surprise and maybe getting something worth or more than you spent, this is for you. I bought the “most popular ” box $74.99, all crap, cheap $3.00 shoes off Amazon x 3 pairs, a plastic wreath, 2 pcs of lingerie that would only fit a very thin person, a fake set of sapphire jewelry, something for an IPhone camera. There was nothing in the box that we could use, everything was cheaply made items. We donated the entire contents of the box. Very disappointed.


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