Developing a Crypto Exchange: Buying a White Label Solution vs. Development From Scratch

The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market has led to an increased demand for reliable and robust crypto exchanges. When considering the development of a crypto exchange, two primary approaches emerge: buying a white label solution or building the exchange from scratch. Each approach has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which we will explore in this article. 

Components of a Robust Crypto Exchange to develop from scratch

Matching Engine

The matching engine is the heart of a crypto exchange. It handles order matching and ensures timely execution of trades. A high-performance and scalable matching engine is crucial for maintaining liquidity and providing a seamless trading experience.

Trading Platform

The trading platform is the interface through which users interact with the exchange. It should offer a user-friendly experience, advanced charting tools, real-time market data, order management, and various order types to cater to different trading strategies.


Liquidity is vital for any exchange to attract traders and ensure smooth trading operations. Developing partnerships with liquidity providers and implementing robust market-making algorithms can enhance liquidity on the exchange.


Secure and reliable wallets are essential to store and manage cryptocurrencies. Integration with both hot wallets (for immediate access) and cold wallets (for enhanced security) is crucial to protect user funds.

Trader’s Room

A comprehensive trader’s room provides users with access to their account details, transaction history, portfolio balances, and account settings. It also enables users to deposit, withdraw, and manage their funds efficiently.

Admin Panel

An admin panel empowers the exchange operator to manage and monitor various aspects of the exchange. It includes functionalities such as user management, compliance tools, risk management, and reporting capabilities.

Pros and Cons of Developing an Exchange from Scratch


  • Complete control over the development process and customization.
  • The ability to tailor the exchange to specific requirements.
  • Potential cost savings over the long term.


  • Extensive time and resource investment.
  • Higher development and maintenance costs.
  • Greater complexity and technical challenges.
  • Risk of delays and setbacks during the development process.

White Label Solution

A white label crypto exchange is a pre-built, ready-to-launch crypto exchange platform developed by a third-party provider. It offers a turnkey solution that significantly reduces development time and costs. The white label solution includes all the essential components mentioned earlier, such as the matching engine, trading platform, liquidity integration, wallets, trader’s room, and admin panel.

Customization of White Label Solution

White label solutions can be customized to align with specific branding and business requirements. This flexibility allows for a tailored exchange experience without the need for extensive development from scratch. The provider can incorporate custom themes, logos, color schemes, and additional features to meet the exchange operator’s unique needs.

Pros and Cons of White Label Solution


  • Quick time to market, enabling rapid entry into the crypto exchange space.
  • Reduced development time and costs compared to building from scratch.
  • Access to a fully functional and tested exchange platform.
  • Ongoing technical support and maintenance from the provider.


  • Limited control over the underlying technology and architecture.
  • Less room for highly specialized customizations.
  • Additional costs for significant modifications or additional features.

Final thoughts

The table highlights the key components required for a robust crypto exchange and compares the two approaches in terms of their implementation. Developing from scratch involves building each component individually, while a white label solution provides a pre-built platform with these components already integrated.

Components Development from Scratch White Label Solution
Matching Engine Build a custom matching engine from scratch Pre-built and tested matching engine included
Trading Platform Develop a trading platform from scratch Ready-to-launch trading platform included
Liquidity Establish partnerships and integrate Liquidity integration and market-making options
Wallets Develop secure wallets with custom features Integrated hot and cold wallets
Trader’s Room Create a comprehensive user interface Ready-to-use trader’s room with customization
Admin Panel Build an admin panel with desired features Admin panel for managing and monitoring the exchange

When considering the development of a crypto exchange, opting for a white label solution offers a compelling proposition. The availability of a ready-made, customizable platform can significantly reduce development time, costs, and technical complexities. WL Global, a trusted software provider, delivers white label solutions for brokerages and exchanges, providing reliable and customizable solutions to meet the specific requirements of businesses entering the cryptocurrency market.


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