Coily Wordle {Aug 2022} What Is The Answer? Know Here!

The given here post discusses Coily Wordle and elaborates further information about the game.

Wordle has become a viral online scrabble globally. It is a popular game from the northern to the southern hemisphere, including New Zealand and Australia. Every scrabble lover awaits a new wordle puzzle to release each day. However, the tryst to crack the answer can sometimes turn altogether complex.

Something similar to the puzzle that was released on 02 August 2022. The 409 puzzles of Wordle left players bewildered and confused too. This time it is with the spelling. Thus, what is Coily Wordle, and why is it in the news? Let us learn more in the paragraphs below.

Why is Coily trending?

The wordle puzzle published on 02 August 2022 did leave many players in a fix. While it was not with the answer, the spelling confused players. So with spoiler alerts ahead, the answer to the puzzle was COYLY.

With the word rhyming with COILY, most users did go ahead adding it to the tiles. But the question here Is Coily a Word? Well, on research, we found that yes, it is a valid word, but it is entirely different from that of Coyly, which was the day’s answer. In the paragraphs below, we will elaborate on what the word means and what was the actual answer of the day.

A Gist About the Game

  • Wordle became an instant hit since its release over a year before
  • It was developed by a Brooklyn-based developer names Josh Wardle.
  • Very soon, the game was sold to New York Times, where the puzzle is published daily.
  • It includes five letter words to be guessed within six attempts.

Coily Wordle – What was the answer of the day?

As we know, Wordle provides hints to the players to make the correct guess. That includes changing the tile colour to green for the correct guess, yellow for the almost correct answer but the wrong tile and grey for the wrong letter.

The 409 puzzles released by Wordle included the following:

  • The word includes one vowel
  • It has one letter repeated twice
  • It means to be shy

Based on the above parameters, we reached the answer: COYLY. Yet the Coily game came to the fore trending on the internet for sounding very similar to the word COYLY. However, both are entirely different and do not have any similarities between the two. Thus, all those who wrote Coily would have got the answer wrong.

Final Conclusion

Besides, there are plenty who are confused to know if Coily is a word indeed. After research, we did find that, yes English language has the word Coil, which means to coil. For example, he has coily hair.

We thus hope this article provides sufficient information about the world. However, if you wish to gain more clarity about Coily Wordle, Please do read.

Were you able to guess the correct answer? Then, do share your feedback and experience in the comments below.

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