Wulfz NFT {Jan 2022} Details: Project, Player’s Welfare

Please scroll down the headers mentioned in this article below to get the details for Wulfz NFT, revealing their facts and features for increased clarity.

Do you think investing in NFT is a wise decision? What are NFts? Why is the token at such hype? What are the uses and features of this token? What is Wulfz?

Wulfz is the recent hype in the markets of the United States and many other parts of the world. This exciting new NFT project was launched for the players’ welfare and other investors.

In this article below, we will be revealing the details for Wulfz NFTexploring the facts for its launch and roadmap and discovering whether it is worth the hype!

What are NFTs?

Before exploring the details for Wulfz, let’s reveal the general facts for NFT first, exploring basic facts of the same for better clarity.

NFT refers to the Non-Fungible Tokens that are the interchangeable and unique data unit that is further stored in a blockchain, known as the digital ledger.

These represent the reproducible files related to photos, audios, videos and other related units, making them an important part of the cryptocurrencies.

Details about Wulfz NFT:

Wulfz is a new NFT project inspired by pop culture, anime, books and television. The owners of this token have put an incredible number of details in each of their pixels to generate the best quality. There are at least 10 legendary animated and 10 static Hero Wulfz for the token.

Therefore, the remaining 5535 tokens for these Wulfz are spawned with unique and other 150+ different traits.

Founder Details of the Token:

After exploring the general facts and details for Wulfz, let’s explore the details for their founders to know the initiative behind the same.

  • The slide is the founder of Wulfz NFT, who has vast experience in all the start-ups and other business ideas and is also a core entrepreneur. This is responsible for the management of subscription services with over 1500+ members.
  • Snoow is the artist behind this token. He is also a professional UI designer and a renowned artist with experience of over 6+ years. The design always has a passion for pixel art, thereby reflected from this token.

Other than these two, Hiro, +More are also the developers and partners of the token.

So, what does the roadmap of the token say?

If you scroll down the roadmap of Wulfz NFT on their official website, you will find that 1$AWOO = 1$AWOO. $AWOO id the ERC holding 20 utility tokens of the ecosystem. We want to inform our readers that $AWOO is not associated with any monetary value

Final Verdict:

Many NFTs are launched daily, some based on games or others providing different plots. Wulfz is also a new launch in NFTs, providing investors and visitors with a unique experience other than from existing ones.

Non-Fungible Token Details can further be fetched from the attached links.

Have you invested in Wulfz NFT yet? Explored all the details for this token? Then, please share your comments about the same in the given section below.

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