Self-Care Write For Us – Check Guidelines in Detail!

Read this article and get an update about the rules that help you to create successful Self-Care Write for Us content.

Do you want to write content where you want to share your view regarding self-care? Have you ever written any content for any platform before? Searching for portals with incredible traffic? While you plan to write content on a reputed platform, do you find our portal your first choice?

Recently has understood the necessity of self-care content. That is why we offer all the interested writers to learn some important parameters that wants from a writer for Self-Care Write for Us. Now read this write-up and find all the details.


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And now, we are also searching for a writer who can easily Write For Us Self-Care Blog Guest Post. Now continue this article if you are having doubts about self-care articles.

Qualities that wants from a writer:

A few specific qualities writers need to create in them will help match all our criteria. So, if you plan to become our part, read this requirement list now.

  • Self-care articles must contain vast amounts of information with catchy lines. The title must contain only 60 characters.
  • We suggest all content creators read articles thoroughly before submitting them to our team for review.
  • Repetitive lines in the content will not be accepted at any cost, so we suggest the writer omit those unnecessary lines.
  • Always select some important topics to know more about Write For Us + Self-Care.

Important topics that the writer must discuss in the article:

We suggest our writer note down the topics that will help them while they start to write content about Self-care. Topics that writers need to cover are as follows:

  • Healthy lifestyle.
  • Avoid any addiction.
  • Daily workout.
  • Medication and its benefits.
  • Regular breaks to make yourself stress-free.
  • Benefits of 8 hours of tight sleep.
  • Learn remedies for skin care treatment.
  • What will be the best relaxation process?

Follow topics need to be mentioned, and the writer can include more relevant topics to make Self-care content more alluring.

Guidelines that Self-Care “Write For Us” writers need to maintain!

A few guidelines have been designed for the portal where you might get some mandatory guidelines for the writers who will write content about self-care, now follow those guidelines before you start.

  • As a guest post writer, you all need to write content with more than 1000 words.
  • We suggest content creators add a screenshot after checking content in Copyscape premium. Always submit hundred percent unique content.
  •  As a specific keyword density has been set, we suggest writers follow that keyword density while writing Self-care content.
  • Before you write, talk with the SEO team about SEO-friendly content.
  • We suggest writers maintain proper keyword gapping while creating Self-care content.
  • Always provide JPEG and PNG format with copyright-free images, and we do not accept any other formatting.

We have provided some of the mandatory guidelines we expect every writer to know before them Write For Us + “Self-Care”.

More rules for the writers of Self-care:

  • We suggest the writer correct all the grammatical mistakes found in the article after using Grammarly. 
  • We will accept articles with a grammatical score of 98 or more percentage. A screenshot of that score needs to be given below the article.
  • We expect the writer to follow the font Times New Roman, and the font size will be 12.
  • The readability score of Self-care content must be above 50.
  • Bullet points need to be added by the writer while they discuss any topic about Self-care in detail.

We always expect interested writers to follow these guidelines while they start writing content for us.

Final Verdict: has created a reputation among our viewers by providing authentic information. Recently, we want interested writers to create Self-Care Write for Us content to widen the space.

If you understand our requirements, then share some articles of yours at our email address, that is, team22.marifilmines@gmail.comAfter verifying your article, our team will connect with you within 24 hours. So, if you plan to build your career as a Self-care writer, then we welcome you to join us to promote.

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